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Monday, October 21, 2013

In my on-going art quest I have signed up to do the Twinks I course with the wonderfully talented Dion Dior.  I have had these fabulous little paint pots for a while but am finally actually learning how they work and how best to use them.  In addition, I have often wondered how to draw a mandala; Dion is helping on both levels.  Lesson One included a ton of information on the Twinks and a lesson on mandala drawing. This is what is probably the first of many.  It is a bit wonky - I didn't use a compass or any other tools to help draw it - but it was just as much fun as any zentangle I have done.  The process is such fun - totally engaging - a wonderful tool for "living in the moment".

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Here is where my heart really lies these days.  I am learning how to draw and paint;  photography for me is simply a way to capture some images that I would like to interpret.  This is a drawing from a photo that one of my instructors gave me - a lesson in perspective.  This staircase is at Stirling Castle.  I used a few pencil lines then drew most of it with my trusty skewer and ink.  

Drawing helps me forget about all the things I think about that worry and upset me - all the things I think I can do very little about but spend an enormous amount of time fretting over.  

A couple of shots I recently took while working on Kat Sloma's on-line course, Find Your Eye:  Journey of Fascination.  As I explained to the class, I am a very stubborn learner.  I have had my camera for quite a long time but only now am starting to learn about things like aperture and shutter speed.  The former still is a bit of mystery but shutter speed - what fun I had taking pictures of crows and magpies having breakfast at the garbage bin.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

I am in the middle of trying so many things and have just decided to go back to my "unblogged" blog which I opened a few years ago and then let sit.  So, here with Kat's course in mind, is my first post.

I am working on figuring out what my photographic style is - aside from eclectic.  What I like about this shot is the simplicity of it, the fuzzy background and the lines.